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Amf Junior Tricycle Olney Illinois

This is a great deal on a vintage amf tricycle! This is a blue tricycle that is covered in damage. The frame is cracked, the tires are missing, and the wheel is broken. It's in great condition overall and perfect for the kids who want to go on bike tricycles.

Top 10 Amf Junior Tricycle Olney Illinois

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Amf Junior Tricycle Olney Illinois Walmart

This 1960s double step red tricycle is made in olney, it has a small logo on the front and a cience of laws sticker on the back. The tricycle is missing a wheel, but all other parts are in good condition. It is also#1/2 size. this is a wonderful vintage amf tricycle. This blue tricycle has theamf logo on it and it is very easy to since into the background. The tricycle has some damage to the bottom side and it is very only but not brand new. The tricycle is also in great condition. this is a great deal for a used tricycle! This is a vintage tricycle, and it is in great condition. It is also missing its tires, which means that it may not be used very much. However, it is still a great deal for the price. this is a great deal on a vintage amf tricycle. This is a great bike for a young person's collection. This bike is damaged but that doesn't mean it's not worth buying.