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Tricycle Pedal Blocks

Looking for a safe and secure way to use your pedal blocks? look no further than the sunlite childens pedal blocks. These blocks are made of durable materials that will make sure you can use your pedal blocks safely and efficiently.

Tricycle Pedal Blocks Amazon

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Best Tricycle Pedal Blocks

Our tricycle pedal blocks are perfect for those who love the old school style of riding a bike. They are made of plastic and are available in 38 sizes. Our blocks are also free from bacteria and other contaminants that can affect your riding. the sunlite pedal blocks are perfect for bike riding! They add an inch of ground american apparel fabric to your bike to help your pedaling performance. The blocks are also great for bikebuilders or athletes who want to improve their pedaling performance. 5 inches this block is perfect for those with a smaller pedal width. The sunlite pedal blocks are also perfect for petit-corse or thin pedal areas. if you are looking for a child-friendly way to operate your tricycle trike, then you need some pedal blocks to keep your aged up siblings/demony under control. Our pedal blocks for children are made of sturdy materials that will not only make your cycle more easy to take on and off, but also help to keep your attention focused on what is happening around you.